Buccaneers One of NFL’s Highest-Spending Teams The Last Three Years


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cap situation is well documented. After three years of overspending to satisfy quarterback Tom Brady and field a competitive team it’s time to pay the bill.

So how much did the Buccaneers spend during that three-year run? And where did their spending rank league-wide during that span?

Thankfully Jack Duffin of 24/7 Sports tracked every team’s spending from 2021-23. The Pewter Pirates came in as No. 13 during that time frame. Not as high as you thought? Me either. The Buccaneers are currently sixth-lowest in 2023.

The team ranked third-highest in 2021, then 11th-highest in 2022. As River Wells of USA Today Bucs Wire states,

“Cash spending is different from the salary cap and cap room, which is why Tampa Bay has the lowest cap space in the league while being its sixth-lowest spender.”

The three-year run with Brady brought three playoff appearances, two division titles and one Super Bowl championship. Money well spent to be honest.

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