Former Teammate Talks Issues Tom Brady Dealt with in 2022


Former Buccaneers’ safety Logan Ryan was recently a guest on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” where he spoke on many things including playing with quarterback Tom Brady during his last season. And like we all witnessed, 2022 wasn’t a typical Brady type season.

“But I think just knowing how he was interacting with his family, his kids, in terms of really wanting to spend time with his kids and be there with his kids, that was a little different. Because his kids were older. I think the stuff that was going on off the field, and on the field I think was weighing on him a little bit, as obviously, we’re all humans.”

Ryan has been a teammate of Brady’s twice, with the Buccaneers in 2022 and the Patriots from 2013-2016.

Brady’s off-the-field issues leading up to the 2022 season are well documented. The off-the-field issues Brady delt with were reported as “traumatizing”.

This isn’t exactly a revelation about the 2022 Buccaneers team. Veteran defensive end William Gholston said the team didn’t have the proper “mindset and mentality” to win a championship. Former Bucs defensive back Sean Murphy-Bunting talked about the distraction of “a bunch of cameras around” during practice. And finally Buccaneers Senior Advisor Bruce Arians stated the team didn’t get “the real Tom Brady”.

Let’s not kid ourselves, everyone who follows the Pewter Pirates would do it all again with Brady if that was an option. The juice was definitely worth the squeeze.

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