CBS Coaching Rankings Should Be Eye-Opener For Buccaneers


The 2023 version of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster has some questions no doubt. First and foremost the team will have a new quarterback, a new RB1 and several rookies and younger players that need to step-up. But what about the coaching staff? More importantly, what about second-year head coach Todd Bowles? Is he the man for this job?

If you listen to CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin, Bowles may not be the guy. Benjamin recently dropped his rankings of all 32 NFL head coaches, and Bowles didn’t do that well.

Here is what Benjamin had to say about ranking Bowles No. 28th in the league.

“Here starts the run on respected defensive minds with questionable HC results. Bowles has led two “successful” seasons — a 10-6 blip with the Jets and last year’s sluggish playoff cameo — and can still guide an aggressive “D.” But his safe, predictable approach with everything else threatens to make 2023 even tougher on a lineup now devoid of Tom Brady.”

All valid points that should concern most fans of the Pewter Pirates. Bowles head coaching resume wasn’t impressive when he was handpicked by Bruce Arians. After 2022, I’d dare say his resume is worse. Yes the team won the division (with a losing record), but was unceremoniously knocked out of the playoffs by the Dallas Cowboys.

Bowles conservative nature seems to be his Achilles heal, and odd third and fourth down decisions haven’t helped. But again, this isn’t new, these are the same issues Bowles struggled with as the Jets head coach. Bowles is currently 34-50 as a head coach, if Bowles doesn’t right this ship in 2023, he will undoubtedly be on the unemployment line.

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