Where Does Buccaneers’ QB Mayfield Rank Amongst NFL Starters In 2023?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers head into their 2023 training camp with quarterback Baker Mayfield being the likely starter. Mayfield’s career up until now has been a mixed bag. But now, in Tampa he has new weapons, a new offensive system and a roster with several Super Bowl champions still on it.

So where does Mayfield the quarterback rank in the league?

Thankfully the guys at USA Today Bucs Wire ranked the top-32 signal caller recently. And to their credit, they weren’t exactly “homers” with their rankings.

Baker Mayfield, No. 25, Buccaneers

“That didn’t take long. Mayfield had a decent stint with the Rams to end the year, but wasn’t good enough for him to keep a job in LA. Before that, he played one of the worst seasons a QB could feasibly play in Carolina with the Panthers and got benched as a result, so really, there’s only room to go up from here. Baker won’t be as bad as he was in Carolina in Tampa Bay (uh, probably?) and has some weapons to work with, so if he wants to prove play like 2020 is still in him somewhere deep down inside, this is the year to prove it.”

I know what some of you are thinking, what about Kyle Trask? We hear you and will address that in a future post. As for Mayfield’s 25th ranking, I think that’s fair considering he hasn’t played much good ball since 2020 and even then it was consistent from week to week let alone season to season.

But Mayfield does have a solid if not great cast around him. That combined with a top half in the league defense should allow Mayfield and the Buccaneers to challenge for the division title. And doing so will definitely increase Mayfield’s rankings moving forward.

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