Buccaneers’ Carlton Davis, “We’re Going To Wreck Sh*t”


Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Carlton Davis believes the Pewter Pirates are being severely underestimated heading into the 2023 NFL season.

Most experts have the Buccaneers taking a huge step back in the post-Tom Brady era. Davis vehemently disagrees and thinks the league is in for a “rude awakening” in 2023.

Davis recently sat down with golongtd.com’s Tyler Dunne when this subject came up.

“We’re about to do it to ’em. Anybody who feels we’ve lost Tom — and lost something — is going to be in for a rude awakening. A rude awakening. Tom was a great addition for us, but obviously it’s a team sport. Obviously, you need components to be successful. We still have those components. And I’m only getting better.”

Davis continued,

“And our fucking division is worse than what it was before. So, we run through the division. Get to the playoffs. Run through the playoffs and it’s the Super Bowl. We’re going to wreck shit” Davis stated. “Like, wreck shit. Interceptions. Turnovers. Plays will be made. I will say. Plays. Will. Be. Made.”

Davis stills views the Buccaneers as contenders. Not just for the division, but the conference and ultimately the Super Bowl. This type of confidence is proof of a change in mindset left on the team by Brady. The goal as it always should be is the ring, is to be the last team standing. And Davis plans on “awakening” the doubters.

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