Former NFL Scout on Buccaneers’ Bowles, “I Fear He’s A Coordinator And Not A Head Guy”


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach Todd Bowles name has been floated as one on hot-seat recently. Since the team’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys in last season’s playoffs the rumblings of Bowles’ job security have popped up here and there.

This topic was brought up again on the “Peacock and Williamson Podcast” hosted by Brian Peacock and Matt Williamson. Their take on Bowles’ status with the Buccaneers isn’t great.

“I think this might be the hottest of seats,” Williamson stated. “Because I thought there was a 50 percent chance he came back at all this year. They moved on from Leftwich, Brady retired, it seemed like an easy offseason to transition and they didn’t.”

Williamson has a history with Bowles dating back to their time together in Cleveland. His take is that Bowles while being an excellent coordinator is not head coaching material.

“I’m rooting for Todd.” Williamson stated. “I fear he’s a coordinator and not a head guy, and a really good coordinator.”

I’d have to agree with Williamson here, Bowles HAS to have a successful year in 2023 or he will/should be shown the door. And rightfully so. Considering he has the job only because Bruce Arians basically forced him on the Buccaneers after stepping down, it’s time to shit or get off the pot.

Bowles has a 34-51 record as a head coach with only one winning season (2015 NYJ). He lost his only playoff game as HC last season with a talented, but struggling team. Somethings got to give, hopefully Bowles and this team can help lower the temperature on his seat, but don’t count on it.

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