Buccaneers’ Canales Talks QB Battle


Tampa Bay Buccaneers newly hired offensive coordinator Dave Canales has two jobs to do right out of the gate. Install a new offensive scheme and pick a winner in the quarterback competition between Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask.

Recently Canales spoke about this on his appearance on the Canales said about his coaching style during an appearance on the “2 B’s in a Pod” podcast. Canales spoke of building trust with the two quarterbacks.

“Talk to Baker, talk to Kyle Trask, and say, ‘OK. Where are you? Where were you? Where are we going?’ And then to just give them like some actionable steps.” Via JoeBucsFan. “And then once they know, like, you’re a part of their vision, you’re integral to their success and you’re there for them, they can fill that trust factor.”

The Buccaneers hired Canales back in February. Then the team signed Mayfield roughly a month later setting up the competition with Trask for the starting job.

Canales understands learning a new system cones with bumps and bruises. He encourages this on an effort to learn and grow within the system.

“Let’s make new mistakes. Let’s find new mistakes to make,” Canales stated. “You’re not just going to slam a guy … because you make a mistake.”

With Canales, it’s more than just X’s and O’s. It’s about building a culture and performing within said culture. His approach style of making mistakes and trusting the system and process is in part what helped him turn Geno Smith’s career around. The Buccaneers hope he can do that for one if not both quarterbacks heading into the 2023 season.

You can watch the “2 B’s in a Pod” podcast episode below. Make sure you subscribe to their channel while there.

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