Report: Buccaneers & Evans Still Working on Contract Extension


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and wide receiver Mike Evans have been negotiating a contract extension in am effort to keep Evans in Tampa for the remainder of his career.

Unfortunately Pewter Report is now reporting those negotiations will extend through training camp.

Via Pewter Report,

“#Bucs will not get Mike Evans’ contract extension done before the start of training camp next Wednesday.

Both sides are still negotiating.

The goal is to get it done before the end of camp.

Deal could be similar to Chris Godwin’s 3-year, $60mil extension ($20mil per year).”

It needs to be said, Scott Reynolds and the staff at Pewter Report are definitely plugged into the organization. So this report comes with credibility and isn’t a case of reading the tea leaves.

As reported, the deal is expected to get done before the end of training camp. That deal will reportedly be on the ballpark of Chris Godwin’s 3-year $60 million dollar deal. If this is true, that all but secures Evans finishing his career as a Buccaneer.

It’s not like Evans has ever shown interest in leaving Tampa. Quite the opposite to be honest. This was covered by Tampa Bay Times’ Rick Stroud in June during a discussion with Evans’ agent Deryk Gilmore.

“Mike loves Tampa. I know the feeling is mutual. His production is the best of all the guys out there. … The Bucs’ ownership has to love that Mike isn’t even an off-the-field conversation but an on-the-field terror. I’ve got to think they would like to lock him up to a third deal.”

Rest easy Bucs’ fans, Mike Evans isn’t going anywhere. He has time and time again renegotiated his contract to help the team. There’s no indication that Evans is looking to break the bank or reset the market. But he wouldn’t be wrong to ask the Buccaneers to do so.

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