Buccaneers’ Trask is the “Real Deal”


Throughout the entire offseason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers insisted there was a legitimate quarterback competition between Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask.

And while Mayfield won the job as most expected, Trask showed he is more than capable of producing in this system. Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator Dave Canales spoke about this recently.

“If you watch Kyle’s film and you throw on any of the games across the league, you’ll see this is a real talent; this is a real starting-level talent at quarterback,” Canales stated, via the team’s official website. “He just has [calmness] in the pocket, he’s accurate and he just stays cool throughout the whole thing — good or bad series, he’s right back on it.”

Mayfield had an advantage coming into the competition with nearly 69 games under his belt. Reports were Mayfield was just a tad better than Trask throughout the competition. That’s not to say Trask didn’t perform well. According to Canales, Trask’s performance during the quarterback competition earned him respect with the coaches and in the locker room. Especially the Jets game.

“Kyle played fantastic in the game, so it really made it challenging. We’re fortunate…that we didn’t just name a starter going into it without giving Kyle a chance to show what he can do, because I think he earned a lot of respect in the locker room, on the coaching staff, in the fanbase for Bucs fans out there to see Kyle is real — he is the real deal,” Canales continued. “I couldn’t feel any better about our quarterback situation going into week one.”

Trask threw for 60% completion and 99 yards in the team’s preseason opener. Last week against the Jets, Trask threw for 218 yards while completing 20 of 28 passes and two touchdowns.

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