Looking Into The Future Of The Buccaneers Offense


Week one saw some flashes of an aggressive high-flying offense. In the second week, the Buccaneers offense opened up a little more. So looking to the future and the performance of the Seahawks last season here is what we may see more for in week three and moving forward.

Passing Concept

From week one to two the offensive playbook has opened up quite a bit. Now with two games in the books the Buccaneers are starting to look dynamic. As they sit right now the passing concept has yielded almost 30% play action passes and 70% without. Additionally, they have used the screen pass 8% of the time.

We should see some small tweaks as they move forward. In comparison the Seahawks last year sat at 25% play action and only used the screen pass 6% of the time. Now this may not sound like much but the 25% play action amounted to about 165 plays last season.

Essentially as Baker Mayfield gets more comfortably the more the offense hinges on his ability to make decisions. Meanwhile, through two games, he’s shown he can shoulder that responsibility.

Passing Depth

Last season the Seahawks had a nice plan attacking deferent parts of the field. The offense had had an 11% deep (20+ yards) rate, 22% medium (10-19), 45.3% short (0-9), and a 14.5% behind the line of scrimmage.

Currently the Buccaneers are moving closer to those percentages. So as we move forward we should see less passes behind the line of scrimmage. Right now the Buccaneers are throwing at 19% behind the line. We should anticipate more passes in the short and medium range going forward. In fact you can see it unfold with the increase in yards per attempt from week one to week two. The current percentages sit at 38.2% short and 20.6% medium.

Baker is currently throwing 11% of his passes deep, right on par with the Seahawks from last season. So I would temper expectations that they will in crease. Now with the Buccaneers weapons that could change the dynamic but I would not expect that until after the bye week if they do. Afterall two of the three touchdowns came on deep shots.

The Run Game

For the Seahawks last season the run game was complementary to the passing game. With 573 passing attempts to 425 rushing attempts they were split 57% to 43% respectively. However the run game last season for them was more efficient. Kenneth Walker II averaged 4.6 yard a carry. A big jump from Rachaad White’s 3.3 so far this season.

With the Buccaneers currently having almost an even split between the two we may see a small decrease in run attempts as the passing game gets better. This should keep defenses on their heels a little more and may aid White in his yards per attempt.

Final Thought

This team is scratching the surface of what they are capable of. They’ll have a test this Monday against the Eagles but the way they are progressing I feel as though they should be able to keep up. I would expect this game we see some extra wrinkles in place to catch the defense sleeping. A trick play or two and more involvement from Cade Otton may be dialed up for this week.

Either way we will find out what this offense can really do soon.

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