Buccaneers Dominate Saints in New Orleans


I know how much Saints fans value regular season wins over Suoer Bowls, so this must be devastating.

I honestly cannot even say the Buccaneers defense played all that well. The Saints offense is truly something horrendous. That being said, the defense did do a good job. Despite letting up some easy underneath yards and letting slant boy catch non slant catches, they held them to nine points. The Bucs offense also made quick work of the defense. We managed over 100 rushing yards. Truly a biblical miracle.

Dave Canales easily called his best game as an oc. He wasn’t constantly running it up the middle, so that was a relief to see. Baker Mayfield also had a few very timely runs that set the Bucs offense up really well. Everyone on offense did a good job, even the o-line. Yeah there was a lot of pressure, but I thought they held up mostly well. Again, remember that they were facing a really good defensive front.

Easily the star on the offense was Chris Godwin. He wasn’t able to haul in a td unfortunately, but he managed 114 yards on 8 receptions. Once again showing himself as one of the most reliable receivers. Deven Thompkins also looked amazing with his few catches and one carry for 11 yards.

Rachaad White did not look bad, but he still didn’t look great. He had a few runs that looked good, but still only got 56 yards and averaged 3.7 ypc. Not very good from a starting RB. But it is world’s better than what he did against the Eagles.

Defense of course played out of their mind. They managed to get over 2 turnovers in every game this season. True, some of those came in garbage time and against Jameis Winston, but they are still turnovers. I was actually pretty disappointed with the amount of pressure the defensive front was getting against a depleted o-line.

Bucs enter the bye with some much needed momentum as they prepare for the Lions in week 6. Unfortunately, the Lions have a real offense, so the Bucs may have to actually try against them.

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