Broncos Are Selling, Should The Buccaneers Be Buying?


The Broncos are tearing it all down finally. After their offense shit the bed against the Chiefs and having one of the worst defenses ever, it seems like the team is in full-blown tank mode. The Broncos dealt Randy Gregory and seem ready to deal every single other player under the sun. Now, we have all had a good laugh at Sean Payton falling flat on his face.

It’s probably the one thing that can unite all of the NFC South fanbases. Except maybe some Saints fans who think he’s a good coach for some reason. That being said, there is some talent on this team and the Bucs should be looking at.

The most obvious one is Jerry Jeudy. He has been rumored to be dealt for two seasons now. He seemed to be building some rapport with Wilson in 2022, but he has not had a good year so far (20 receptions, 222 yards, no tds, yikes). Though Stephen Smith may hate his guts, I think there is something there the Bucs could use.

Receiver depth hasn’t exactly been an issue yet, but if Mike Evans is out against the Lions, we will see how good the depth is behind him. While I think everyone is fine, I would prefer one more experienced guy behind those two. I know the team still has Russell Gage (remember him?), but I have no idea what his fate will be. Jeudy, despite his lackluster numbers, is good. He is very good at getting separation, and I think with our receivers coaches, they can work on the other aspects of his game (like catching, which I think is important for a receiver). I’m not actually sure how likely this one will be due to the high draft pick he will likely demand and his cap hit in 2024 (over 12 million), but I think it is possible. Plus, it would save him from the Panthers.

Another guy that hasn’t been talked about a lot but I would love on the Buccaneers is Javonte Williams. I have complained ad nauseam about how our RBs can’t break tackles to save their lives. Williams is the antithesis of that. His career is YouTube highlights of carrying defenders 10 yards. Rachaad’s is that one stiff arm on Quandre Diggs in Germany. Even in the game in which his offense did nothing, he got 52 yards off 10 carries, better than any average our RBs have had. Right now his average is 4.0 this season, again better than White and Sean Tucker. I think him and White would be a great 1-2 punch. Thunder and lightning if you will. Javonte would be very cheap, and I think now he is expendable for the Broncos. Jaleel McLaughlin has looked really good, so they may decide to rock with him. Draft pick would again likely be high, but I would much rather give up a second for him then Jeudy.

On the defensive side, there isn’t much. I would’ve said Frank Clark, but he was already released. So, if the Bucs want him, they can just sign him. Obviously the prize would be Pat Surtain, but there seems to be more of a chance of snow in Hell than the Broncos trading him. And being honest, I don’t think there is much talent on that side of the ball worth giving up much for.

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