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Only one right answer here. Super Bowl.

I get the fact that fan is short for fanatic, but some of you Buccaneers’ fans are insane. I mean, I would love to live in the reality that you’re living in (or snort the coke you have), but I unfortunately have to live in the real world. And in this world, the Lions are a good football team. A really good in fact. Yet, so many people were talking about this game as if it would be an easy win. Like, did everyone think they rehired Matt Patricia or something? I understand having hope and being optimistic, but to completely lose it when your team loses to a better team seems a little extreme.

I honestly do think Buccaneers’ fans have way too high expectations for where this team is. The fact is, outside the run game, this team has way overperformed where I thought they would be. I figured this team would only look good because they were in a weak division and had an easy schedule. However, I have been pleasantly surprised. Yes, the Bucs did lose to the eagles and Lions, but there are plenty of positives from those games.

Mostly, the defense has been playing outstanding. Does it have flaws? Of course, every unit on every team does. But you can win football games holding opponents to 20 points. This defense has looked so much better than even I thought it would be, and I thought it would be pretty damn good (on top of being banged up to start the year, so it will only get better with Calijah Kancey back).

However, it seems the team will only go so far as the offense will take them. The frustrations with the offense are of course understandable. When your run game once again looks to be in the shitter and your team can’t even manage to score tds, that’s bad. That being said, I think people have been very harsh on this unit. Remember, we are five weeks into the year with a new QB, new coordinator, and a completely new offensive line. It will take time for these things to gel. However, I will admit that panic time will be in full effect if these problems are sorted out in the near future.

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This team has faced mediocre teams and have faced SB contenders, which I think has confused this fanbase on where the team is. So, allow me to do my best to explain. I think this team is an offseason away from truly being a true SB contender. I think they can easily win the division (says more about the division than us) and could probably get to the Divisional Round, but I don’t see us going much beyond that. We are good enough to beat bad-good teams, but not quite there to beat the really amazing teams. Assuming of course there isn’t some massive turnaround, which is always possible.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett
Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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