Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank: Buccaneers vs Falcons


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to divisional rival the Atlanta Falcons 16-13 in a game that determined who took over first place in the NFC South.

Walk the Plank:

Bucs Penalties

Good gracious. Just a disgusting display of discipline. 9 penalties for 66 yards, and it seemed like more. Like every other play on offense was a penalty. And they seemed to come from a select few guys more often than not…

Penalties in general

These refs must have taken the over on penalties called in this one, because good gracious. 18 penalties between the 2 teams, and it really made this a tough game to watch. 

Devin White in pass coverage

I mean, did you see that display on the Desmond Ridder scramble then passing to Tyler Allgeier in the 4th quarter? Horrible. Inexcusable. It didn’t cost the Bucs the game, but it certainly didn’t help. 

Desmond Ridder holding onto the ball… again

After last week’s 3 interception effort, Desmond Ridder said “Hold up, I got another way to ball out,” and proceeded to fumble 3 times, twice inside the 1 and the other inside the Bucs’ 20. Amazing stuff for a guy who is surrounded by what seems like a pretty good offense. 

Bijan Robinson’s usage

So it came out at halftime that Robinson wasn’t “feeling well…” which could very well have been the case. My more fun theories: he slept with the wrong person’s wife, or he’s hungover. 

Baker Mayfield’s Clutch Gene

Yeah, that interception he threw at the end of the 4th quarter might go down as one of the worst I’ve seen in regards to timing and just pure stupidity. Double coverage. Horrible. Inexcusable. 

Captain’s Table:

Rachaad White as a scat back

I know how bad the run game has been, and it continued to be putrid Sunday afternoon. But I’d argue that has more to do with the interior o-line’s ineptitude more than anything else. White was really great in the open field. He hauled in some passes and made some people miss, doing a great job 

Red Zone Defense

I mean, this is just becoming a huge thing. The Bucs have been so dominant in the red zone defensively. Sure, it’s been against some incredibly shoddy teams, but it takes a good defense to do that. And the Buccaneers are certainly that. 

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