What Kind of Deal Will Buccaneers’ Winfield Jr Get?


So about a week ago, I wrote that Buccaneers’ Tristan Wirfs could potentially get a 10-year deal and set records for contracts for linemen. Well, Antoine Winfield Jr is fast approaching that as well. It seems like every single week he’s making a splash play that keeps the Bucs in a game (the only exception might be Lions). Him and Wirfs are arguably the two greatest players on this team, and it is not even close. With that kind of play comes the big bucks.

We need another Brinks truck boys.

Let’s go back to everyone’s favorite site in Spotrac. Right now, Derwin James is the highest paid safety in the NFL at over $19 . He signed that deal back in 2022 where he had 115 tackles (64 solo), 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions. In his career, he has 9.5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, and 8 interceptions. Of course, these are not the only stats as he has 28 career passes defended. He is easily one of the best.

Though James has had a longer career than Winfield, Winfield beats him out in several stats. He has more tackles at 215, more sacks at 11, more forced fumbles at 8, and has 6 fumble recoveries. He doesn’t have nearly as many picks or passes defended, but he has had a streak of at least one pick in every season. This is a guy who is only going to get better the longer he keeps playing.

Now, for whatever reason, Spotrac actually has Winfield’s contract as rather low. It has his value at $14.3 million a year for 4 years. He is being compared to guys like Justin Simmons and Marcus Freeman. Who, while really good, are top 5 guys. I would argue Winfield is top 3, if not the number one guy. He looks better than James has this year. Ergo, I would argue he deserves to be compensated as that.

Now, similar to what I said for Wirfs, I think Licht will find a way to keep Winfield for a little less than what he is due. I can’t say I know Winfield personally, but he seems like another unselfish player that might be willing to take a cut so Licht and Greenburg can keep other FAs. That being said, he is easily a young star and one of the best safeties in the game. There will be plenty of other teams that will open the vault. While it would be slightly easier to replace Winfield in the draft or FA compared to a premier LT, the Buccaneers need to do everything to make sure he stays here for a long time.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett
Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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