Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank: Buccaneers vs Colts


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to the Indianapolis Colts 27-20 to drop to 4-7 on the season. That can only mean Carter Brantley has some things he needs to get off his chest. So without further ado, here’s the Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank list.

Walk the Plank: 

Devin White

He’s become a liability on defense in every facet of the game. Coverage has always been an issue, but now he’s become close to useless in pass rush and run defense too. From a lack of tackling acumen against a great back like Jonathan Taylor to getting his ankles snatched by Gardner Minshew to allow a touchdown, this man is a horrible, horrible player. I don’t want to hear him ever talking about trade requests or how he deserves an extension ever again 

Todd Bowles

Tell me; what do you get when a defensive-minded coach has one of the most inconsistent defenses in football? A worthless waste of an HC. Todd Bowles needs to be gone. Next week. Make it happen. I don’t want to watch this team any more. 

CBS + DirecTV

I get it. Both CBS and Directv are arguing about who gets to keep the money they overcharge their customers, and both are threatening to withhold content from the paying customer because corporations like them are awful and need to be burnt to the ground. Can we stop showing that same damn strip of text on the top of the screen over and over that’s reminding us of that fact? I’m trying to watch a couple dogshit football teams play a stupid game.

Jake Camarda

Touchback after touchback; get your shit together Jake. 

Trey Palmer

2nd half drop. Afterwards he pats his chest and says “My bad.” Wow. Thank you for that acceptance of your mistake, all is forgiven. Ridiculous. 

Defending play action on short-yardage situations

Two times. Basically the same play. Same results. Blown coverages and wide open easy throws for Gardner Minshew. 

Buccaneers 2-minute drill

They’re so awful at this it’s gone beyond the point of being funny. Baker Mayfield and Dave Canales clearly have no idea what they’re doing in these situations, and it shows every week. 

Captain’s Table:

NFC South

The worst division in football goes to the NFC South. Awful teams up and down. And you know what that means for the Bucs? They’re still somehow in it. Yea, that’s the brightside.

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