The Buccaneers Defense Is Defenseless


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach is an idiot.

I do not give a flying fuck if somehow this team ends up in the playoffs, Todd Bowles is done after this season. A man renowned for his abilities as a defensive guru, and his defense has looked like utter shit. This team couldn’t stop a light breeze in the backfield if their lives depended on it.

I am going to give the perfect encapsulation of how stupid Bowles is. There are two fourth and inches plays in this game. On both, Bowles loads the line of scrimmage as he thinks the Colts will run. Both times, they pass. Not only that, but the second one looked like the Cooper Kupp divisional round play. And not only that, but that 4th and inches came on a 1st and 30. Apparently, Bowles thinks every head coach is as stupid as he is. He cannot fathom the idea that another coach would call a creative play on fourth down. Those WRs were so open I thought they were showing the Deebo Samuel reception from last week.

To keep going on this train of Bowles is completely outmatched, he once again refused to use TOs at the end of the half. Because what if there is a turnover? Or what if they go 3-and-out? Or if the Earth splits open and swallows us all whole so I don’t have to watch anymore? Also, can this team not commit the stupidest penalties ever? Penalties are a great indicator of how well coached a team is. I would grade the coaching D-.

This defense as hinted at in the title is completely lost. Devin White made Gardner Minshew look like Patrick Mahomes. I could’ve made more tackles than him in all seriousness. For every good play Carlton Davis had, he lets up a bad one. Couldn’t get the pass rush going at all. I think Minshew grilled a steak before the Bucs could touch him in the backfield. Jonathon Taylor looked like Barry Sanders with how poorly we handled the run. And Michael Pittman is Calvin Johnson in this scenario.

Baker Mayfield didn’t look particularly good. I will give him a little bit of a pass since he suffered an injury on the first drive. But he once again threw an interception into triple coverage. Just a bad decision. Also, bad drop by Trey Palmer on one drive to kill it. And Tristan Wirfs gave up a strip sack to end the game. Really bad game by Wirfs in general. By his standards at least.

This team deserves zero slack at this point. We are a bad team. I cannot stress enough this team has so much better players than the Colts. Bowles was outcoached. I don’t care if this man has a Nobel Peace Prize, Todd is a terrible head coach. It’s that simple. Arians would’ve crushed this team had he been the HC. Technically the Bucs are still in the hunt, but who cares? This team is done with Bowles at the helm.

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