How the Buccaneers Can Beat the Packers


The Buccaneers need to send those stupid cheeseheads packing.

This is an interesting matchup. I wrote in my pre-season prediction and said the Packers were likely to beat the Buccaneers. But they looked so bad that I decided to change that in my article where I talked about where I went wrong with the schedule prediction. And then they looked good again, so I thought I was wrong again. But then they lost to Tommy Devito. I don’t know anymore.

On defense, the Bucs absolutely need to get pressure on Jordan Love. Much like the Packers, Love has had a back and forth season. I think he will end up being a pretty good QB, although he may not be a HOFer like the others before him.

However, right now, he gets easily rattled when the kitchen heats up. While it may be difficult to get to Love without a “DOUBTFUL” Vita Vea, hopefully Bowles manages to scheme something up. With both Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon dealing with injury, I would not be super worried about the run game. If the Buccaneers stop the fifty Jayden Reed jet sweeps, then they should be fine. Jamel dean and Zyon McCollum just need to make sure they stay on their guy so we aren’t air-raided.

On offense, contrary to popular belief, the Bucs should absolutely focus on the run game. The Giants gave the Packers Colin Kapernick PTSD after Devito ran for 70 yards and the Giants had over 200 rushing yards. While Baker Mayfield is no Kap or Italian Stallion and Rachaad White is certainly no Saquon Barkely, they both certainly have legs. If they can get Rachaad in space, I think the Bucs can manage to trample the Pack like the Giants.

This will be a cold game in Lambeau and Baker hasn’t had exactly good luck there, but I think this game can go the Bucs way. The win will likely come down to who still has bodies left on the field. Both teams are incredibly injured and have been very inconsistent in their play. Bucs are one a two game streak, and regardless of the strength of opponents, a streak is a streak. Meanwhile, the Packers got embarrassed by The Sopranos. If the Buccaneers just play mistake-free football and force some turnovers, they can make the Packers and offer they can’t refuse (I know that’s a different movie).

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