Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank: Buccaneers Beat Packers


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their third-straight game Sunday beating the Green Bay Packers 34-20. That can only mean it’s time for Carter Brantley’s “Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank.”

Walk the Plank:

CBS Broadcast 

The halftime show is almost as cringy and fake-laugh-filled as FOX’s, and the broadcast team was fine, I guess. Football announcers just leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. Maybe I’m just a dick. 

David Moore on the TD celebration

I mean dude. Tuck the ball away. Score the points. Then do whatever the hell you want. Throw the ball into the crowd, give birth to it, who cares, just score the damn TD first. That was way too close for comfort. 

Buccaneers’ defense on third and long

Eek. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Bucs on third and long seem to be bad every year (maybe it’s a pattern Mr. Bowles). And Sunday was no different. 

Buccaneers covering wheel routes

It’s happened so many times now it’s getting ridiculous. It’s sad, it’s an indictment of Todd Bowles as a defensive coach. 

Bucs getting the right personnel out

For a second consecutive week. Reread the last one. Terrible. 

Captain’s Table:

David Moore YAC

Hey, criticize him for the preemptive celebration, but also give him credit for making a really nice move to break free and get to the end zone in the first place. 

Baker Mayfield

He’s had some fair criticism, and some fair compliments thrown his way this season. Good at taking care of the ball? For the most part. Able to consistently push the ball down the field? Eh. But Sunday, he was nails. He was dynamite. Right when he needed to be. Clutch. 

Mr. White

Rachaad. White. Pass catching extraordinaire. Also amazing football IQ to get down in the 4th. Great job. 

Ko Kieft scoring a TD

I didn’t have this on my bingo card, but boy was it sure a fun thing to watch. 

Todd Bowles going for it to seal the game

What a display of boldness that we quite frankly haven’t seen from Bowles, like, ever. Even I questioned the aggressiveness, but got damn it, it worked and I would much rather be asking him to pull it back then put the pedal to the floor. 

The Panthers


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