Where Has This Buccaneers’ Offense Been?


I think Joe Barry did a great job for the Packers

The Panthers beat the Falcons 9-7 and the Buccaneers slapped the Packers silly. Today is a great day. If only the Saints could’ve lost as well. And if I wasn’t eliminated from the playoffs in various fantasy leagues. Oh well, can’t have everything. But you know what we can have? A great game from Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Rachaad White, and Baker Mayfield. That’ll do.

Let’s start with the bad before I gas up the Bucs too much. The Bucs were seriously bailed out by a bad Jordan Love. He made a few good throws, especially his last TD, but he also missed on some wide open throws. But the defense all game let up far too many yards, even if they held the Pack to 20 points. Run defense also looked really bad at the start. Good thing Aaron Jones was cut in the middle of the game. I think at least considering he just sort of disappeared after the half.

The first half of this game did have me concerned. It was pretty close to end the half, but I credit Bowles and Canales with getting it done. Canales really was in his bag with this one. He did start to lean back on the first down run in the 3rd and 4th, but they were working, so I can’t complain.

I wrote that the key to beating the Packers was running the ball. Well, this is why I am not a coach in the NFL. Baker threw for 381 yards, four touchdowns, and had a perfect passer rating. Yes, he had a bad fumble and took way too many sacks by holding onto the ball too long, but I give him all the credit for being sharp after that. And he decided that Godwin was his guy for the game. Godwin had 155 yards off 10 catches. And the people that caught a TD from Baker. Mike Evans (of course), Rachaad White (still not surprising), Ko Kieft (forgot he wasn’t a back-up lineman), and David Moore (what the fuck).

And I know I ragged on the defense, but K.J. Britt had a very solid game next to a Lavonte David who is playing like the ageless wonder still. David and Shaq Barrett iced the game with a Jordan Love strip sack, so credit to them. Calijah Kancey also made his presence known to the Packers and Antoine Winfield just earned another zero on his check.

This is exactly the game the Buccaneers needed. They played like their pants were on fire. It is rare that I say this, but Bowles ran circles around Matt LaFleur in terms of coaching. These truly are the end of times.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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