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It’s that time of year again Buccaneers fans. Trees are being trimmed, presents being wrapped and loved ones traveling here and there to meet up for the Christmas holiday.

Have you gotten all of your Christmas shopping done? Did you make sure to make out a Christmas wish list for Santa? While we can’t help you with your shopping list, we CAN give you our Christmas wish list for the Buccaneers.

JT Olson, Lead Analyst 

The holidays are often about giving and receiving material things, but we often lose track of the fact that it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. In that spirit, I am not asking for anything new with my Bucs Christmas wish list. Instead, I am asking that the Buccaneers figure out who they are on the inside and develop a logical identity. Do they want to be an aggressive press man defense or keep pushing towards more zone coverage? Do they want to be a running team or use the pass to open up the run? On paper, the Bucs are still one of the most talented teams in the NFC. If they can figure out who it is they really want to be and can utilize that talent to their ability, then I believe we will have a very happy new year!

AJ Turn-Up, Host of The Aftermath 

My Xmas wish list is for Dave Canales to use the strength of his offense which is the pass to set up the run. I would like to see Canales utilize Mayfield’s legs for more play action, rollouts, and spread offense to where Baker Mayfield can thrive by throwing on the run and to receivers in stride. Canales must understand that the passing game will ultimately create opportunities for the run game to thrive due to defenses having to keep the box light with the fear of a passing attack. The Bucs passing game can also create bigger leads early in the game where the defense will not have to play so cautious and perfect and will be able to pin their ears back and rush. These offensive plays I have come up with is my gift to Canales. Crank this offense the BUC up! Go Bucs!

Rick Hughes, Host of Bucs Live

Dear Santa,

I’ve asked for a lot of things in my life. I know that, but this one may be the most difficult of all for you to deliver. At some point or other in my life, I have said “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” i’ve asked for a bicycle and even a computer, but this may be overreaching. I just want Buccaneers fans to really act like Buccaneers fans. To understand that it’s OK to be happy and root for your team. Stop complaining and count your blessings. That it’s OK to be critical, but balance it out with some positive positive.

Yes, I know… Now I’ve gone way too far. You can cover the entire world in one night visiting every house but this… This is over the line.

Now I’m gonna get a stocking full of coal.

Dan Holmi, Host of The Bucs MinuteCast 

Christmas wish list for the Bucs is to give Mike Evans a new deal. I’d also like to see Devin White, Lavonte David back as well as Antoine Winfield JR. I’d like a different head coach next season and even though Baker has done a pretty good job I’d like to see what options there are at quarterback.

Coach Slick, Host of The Aftermath 

Dear Santa,  please let this team find that extra gear. Continue what they did in Green Bay, consistency with balanced attack run and pass

Jeremy Morrow, Analyst, Columnist 

For my Bucs Christmas wish list I want further consistent growth. As we have seen throughout the course of this season the Buccaneers are learning and growing. Especially on offense. From time to time we saw the playbook open up a little more. Rachaad White has gotten better with each snap. Chris Godwin finally had a game where they schemed to get the ball to him. Baker has shown flashes of brilliance. I would love to see this last stretch consist of growth coupled with much more consistency associated with it. Imagine where this team would/will be if they can play at a consistently high level. They could play with the best the NFL has to offer.

The Dude, Grand Poobah and Staff Writer

This wish list might cause a ruckus. First and foremost I ask Santa for contract extensions for Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, Tristan Wirfs, Antoine Winfield Jr and Lavonte David. My next wish is for the team to extend both head coach Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator Dave Canales. Next up I’ll be asking for a complete collapse of the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons organization. My next wish is something I think we can all get behind. Please Santa, for the love of God make the team wear their red and pewter uniforms as their home kit again! Finally, I ask Santa for a healthy conclusion to this season and a prosperous draft and free agency period. Oh, and maybe a bag of coal for Cam Jordan.

We hope you enjoyed our lists and ask that you drop yours in the comments section below!

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