How The Buccaneers Can Beat The Panthers


On every single level, the Buccaneers should be better than the Panthers. The Bucs offensive line, RBs, WRs, DBs, D-linemen, LBs, punter, kicker, and coaches are better. Maybe the Panthers TEs are better. Maybe. So, that means that the Bucs should easily crush these sad cats like ants, right? Well, we are forgetting one thing. This is a division game. And the Panthers have nothing to lose. They are literally like a cornered wild animal.

My only advice to the Bucs on how to win this game outside of the obvious is do not let your guard down. The Panthers will be playing purely out of spite. Even if it were possible for them to play themselves out of the 1st overall pick, it wouldn’t be theirs anyway. For them to tank, therefore, for a good offensive lineman or Marvin Harrison Jr., is not possible. So, they would basically be playing to put the Falcons or Saints in the playoffs and a desire to end the season on a high note.

Like I said, the Panthers really don’t do anything better than the Buccaneers. If the Bucs can just keep the pressure on Bryce Young, their offense will fail. Their run game has been very, very bad. Even though Chuba Hubbard had over 100 yards, I don’t see that happening again. Not that their passing attack is much better, but it will likely be the only way for them to beat the Bucs. Adam Thielen has quietly had an actually solid year. With the Bucs corners having a mixed season to say the least, they need to make sure Young stays in a collapsing pocket. God I hope it’s collapsing at least. The Bucs edge rushers haven’t been great, but the tackles for the Panthers have been aggressively bad. Despite what Bowles thinks, I really don’t think Young has been that good at scrambling.

On offense, the Bucs will probably have to rely on the passing attack. Pray that Dave Canales figures that out before the game is basically over. Panthers CBs have had an average year, so Mike Evans and Chris Godwin should feast. On paper at least. Last time this team played, Evans feasted and Godwin starved on no targets and no receptions. I expect Dave Canales to learn from this, but that hasn’t happened with him and the run game so I’m guessing no.

As I said in the beginning, there is no excuse for this Buccaneers team. They have almost no injuries (unless Carlton Davis is out), everything to play for, and a roster far more talented. We got this. So, why do I feel like this is a trap?


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