Interesting Snap Counts For Buccaneers Britt and White vs Eagles


This season has been one where questions have been swirling around Devin White and his future with the Buccaneers. From his desire for a $100 million contract, to poor play, taking plays off, and other issues. With all these things in consideration for the coaches and front office I found the snap count interesting after the Eagles game.


First, foremost, and maybe foreshadowing, it was interesting to see K.J. Britt take the field as the starting linebacker over White. Now this could be more of an overreaction but all season long White has been named the starter with the exception of week 16. That week White was coming off injury and Britt was given the nod. Coming into the Eagles game Britt was coming off an injury and was named the starter.


Unfortunately there really is no game comparison through the regular season to compare Britt and White snap counts with. Britt found himself as a sub for the preponderance of the season until White’s injury. So for the Eagles game it was a surprise to see Britt had more snaps than White. Not a large gap at 33 to 26 but to see Britt take the field on over 50% of the snaps starts to raise an eyebrow.

Part of the disparity is broken down by type of play call and down. Britt found himself on the filed for 14 snaps in run defense, five in pass rush, and 14 in coverage. While White saw the field for one on run defense, 13 on pass rush, and 12 in coverage.


Breaking down those snaps and each players use shows that Todd Bolwes is using them situationally to their strengths. White would log two total tackles in the game in those situations and Britt would go on to add three tackles and a pass deflection.

According to PFF the grades were similar too. White scored a 66.6 overall while Britt was right behind him at 66.4. Britt was better in run defense and White was interestingly better in coverage. Although White scored worse in tackling and pass rush. All together though the scores were very similar.

Final Thought

It will be interesting to see the snap counts and stats and impact each player has against the Lions on Sunday. As the trend to start Britt could be used to drive down the offer from the Buccaneers as he is set to be a free agent. Additionally if Britt can be a replacement for White, they could let him walk. Now if that’s the case middle line backer becomes a place where the team will look to add depth through free agency or the draft. Especially if Lavonte David is not here next year. Keep an eye on this one.

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