2024 NFL Draft Profile: Will Shipley, RB, Clemson


The 2024 NFL offseason is here and that means it’s time for mock drafts, draft profiles and everything that goes with them. So without further ado, here’s one of many Draft Profiles for the 2024 NFL draft.

Will Shipley, RB, Clemson

HT: 5’11
WT: 210 lbs


First-team All-American (2022)

First-team All-ACC (2022)



His passing game skills are strong. He’s a natural hands catcher who turns upfield quickly in the screen game, and Shipley shows a great feel for setting up wheel routes.

Possesses quick feet and straight-line speed but doesn’t have the elite burst to be a constant big-play threat. Improving patience as a runner, following pulling guards and makes good decisions on his cut.

His stop-start ability in traffic, exceptional balance, lateral agility and body control allow him to squeeze out chunks of yardage when it appears that nothing is there.

He’s at his best working in space, showing the quickness and vision of a return specialist. His stop-start ability allows him to create initial separation.

Shipley shows good vision and good explosion upfield once he plants his foot. Shipley has lateral movement skills and enough speed to threaten big plays. He’s excellent in the passing game, capable of flexing out as a receiver and creating mismatches against linebackers, and he’s a solid back in the screen game.

An instinctive runner, he has a knack for setting up defenders and making people miss in space. He’s at his best in space and on the perimeter, where he shows the balance and acceleration, plus pure speed, to make a move and then take off.

Once he plants his foot, he’s explosive moving upfield, and his 0-to-60 acceleration is enough to catch defenses off-guard.


Shipley isn’t going to overwhelm opposing defensive backs with speed and athleticism.

He does most of his work on the perimeter — and ran a lot of fly sweeps

Shipley has a slight build, especially for a running back, and Shipley isn’t going to grind out yardage between the tackles, as he lacks power and runs with a fairly high pad level.


In 2021 as a freshman Shipley saw action in 10 games for the Tigers as he ran for 740 yards on 148 attempts for 5.0 yards per carry, with 11 TDs, with one fumble. As a receiver he made 16 receptions for 116 yards.

As a sophomore in 2022 he played 13 games. and rushed for an outstanding 1099 yards on 194 carries for an excellent 5.7 ypc, with 15 TDs, with 4 fumbles. In the passing game he pulled in 33 receptions for 216 yards.

In 2023 as a junior Shipley saw action in 11 games for the Tigers. He ran for 811 yards on 156 attempts for an excellent 5.2 ypc, with 5 TDs, with 3 fumbles. As a receiver he made 29 receptions for 222 yards. Shipley would be a great compliment to Buccaneers running back Rachaad White.

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