Buccaneers Post Senior Bowl Mock Draft


The first big milestone of the NFL and Buccaneers offseason is now in the rearview mirror. That of course is the Senior Bowl. This first hand experience working with prospects always has a major influence on the NFL draft. 

It will certainly have an impact on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft because Jason Licht always favors players from this event. This year should be no exception. With that in mind, here is my Bucs post Senior Bowl mock draft.

Pick 26th Jackson Powers-Johnson, Center, Oregon 

Any team looking to improve their offensive line would love to have a guy like Powers-Johnson. He brings toughness, intelligence and athleticism to the center position. Everything about him screams Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Ryan Jensen successor.

Powers-Johnson can do it all with no true weaknesses to his game. If you want to run power rushing attempts up the middle, he has the perfect build at 6’3 and 334 lbs. if you want to run outside zone concepts, he has the athletic ability to get into space and find work at the second level.

However, Powers-Johnson’s best ability might be his pass protection. We saw this on full display at the Senior Bowl where he locked down every would be pass rusher in one on one drills. Don’t be surprised if he’s an All Pro two or three years from now.

Pick 57th Mikey Sainristil, CB, Michigan 

Last season, undrafted rookie Chris Izien did an admirable job as the starting nickel for the Bucs. However, with strong safety Ryan Neal likely leaving in the offseason it’s possible that Todd Bowles moves Izien back to fill that void. This would allow the Bucs to upgrade in coverage at two positions.

The target who I’d want to take over as the nickel is Sainristil. He was possibly the best player on a suffocating Michigan defense. When the champs needed a big stop, it was usually this guy who delivered.

Sainristil has the quickness and agility to do basically anything you could ask of him in coverage. He also brings a fiesty approach to the game that is needed to play closer to the line of scrimmage. He’s a playmaker and a leader who will improve the Bucs back seven immediately.

Pick 89th Austin Booker, EDGE, Kansas 

Booker is a very interesting prospect. He has the explosiveness and quickness that I ideally want in a pass rusher. On top of that, he also has a frenzy of pass rush moves that he’s constantly put on tape.

On the other hand, Booker can look like a wild man at times. He is still learning how to play under control and with a true pass rush plan. Some NFL coaching will do him a lot of good.

Booker is also on the lean side and could be somewhat of a liability against the run early in his career. Even so, I like his potential as a pass rusher so I am very comfortable taking him here.

Pick 125th Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky 

Reunited and it feels so good! After having a career best year with Liam Coen at Kentucky last season, the Bucs pair the two once again. No team will be more familiar with Davis than the Buccaneers.

Davis is a stout, powerful runner. He will make his living between the tackles and picking up tough yards. However, he can also catch the ball fairly well to keep the defense honest. Frankly, he’s exactly what the Buccaneers are looking for.

Pick 202nd Erick All, TE, Iowa

Tight ends from Iowa have typically done well in the NFL. I believe All could be next in line for this tradition. Enough so to where I’d take a chance on him in the 6th round.

All is big and athletic. He projects more as a pass catcher than a blocker, but has the frame to grow into the job. I’m not sure he’ll even rise up to be a starter, but if he can be the next Cameron Brate for this team then that would be great value here.

Pick 243rd Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan 

Speed, speed and more speed. That’s what Johnson brings to the table. He was the home run threat in this year’s championship Michigan team.

More than anything, this is a flyer of a pick. He has natural ability so he could develop into something. If not, no real loss at this point in the draft.

Pick 254th Cody Schrader, RB, Missouri 

Schrader has always been someone who overcomes the odds. From walk on to the SEC’s leading rusher, he knows what it takes to rise up the ranks. He’ll have a shot to do the same in Tampa Bay.

Looking for a well rounded third running back, Schrader fits the bill. He can do a bit of everything so there is no situation where you can’t play him. Depth and special teams will be his job, but can step into the offense as needed.

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  1. This is the 1st Mock that makes perfect sense IMO. Definitely wouldn’t hurt to sign a Guard in Free agency and another IL B

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