Three Lessons To Be Learned From The Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is over. It’s officially offseason mode, and that means we’ve got a lot of time to sit around and talk about this fun and tightly-contested Super Bowl, and what it means for the league (or world if you want to be dramatic) moving forward. 

So here are some lessons that can be gleaned from this past weekend.

Taylor Swift didn’t affect Kansas City

For all those weirdos out there thinking that Travis Kelce and this KC offense was struggling because of Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift, please stop. 

If you’re an adult, there’s no excuse. If you’re a kid, please grow up and become more familiar with reality. 

KC won, Patrick Mahomes looked like, well, Mahomes (unfortunately), and Kelce had his usual amazing postseason and had a near-100 yard receiving performance in the big game. 

Because whether I like them or not, KC knows how to rise to the occasion and play big when it matters most.

How does this relate to the Bucs? Well, it doesn’t really, but it’d be fun if there were a famous celebrity out there interested in one of our bachelors (we obviously don’t want anyone’s lives ruined). 

The trenches are still the second most important part of a team

Pass rushers, interior defensive linemen, and offensive linemen are all still king of the crop. 

Obviously the QB Is numero uno, but if you have no offensive line you’re going to have a tough time without a ridiculously good group of receivers (a lot harder to find than a good offensive line). 

On defense, a great secondary is fun and can certainly be a huge part of a team’s success (KC’s was among the best in the league), but without the help of interior linemen (like Chris Jones) or edge rushers (like Nick Bosa and Chase Young for SF) they can be left out to dry. 

The Bucs obviously have a lot of work to do in the pass rush department, and they could use some upgrades to their interior o-line too. Luckily, their interior d-line is actually really good and is only going to get better as Calijah Kancey continues to learn how to play in the NFL. 

First-round picks on running backs are still stupid

Isiah Pacheco and Christian McCaffrey were both drafted or acquired without need of a first round pick. KC used a first on Clyde Edwards-Helaire out of LSU in 2020 and you want to know what he did in the Super Bowl?

He ran once for zero (0) yards. 

So not a damn thing. 

C-Mac was of course dynamic and invaluable, but SF traded a 2nd for him, not a 1st.

So, please, repeat after me: “No running backs in the first round.” 

You can find far more value in other positions because the dropoff between the elite and average is far wider than at the running back position. 

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