Can The Buccaneers Win The Super Bowl With Baker Mayfield?


The answer may surprise Buccaneers fans.

There has been a lot of talk about what it would take to beat Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl. Basically, it has boiled down to having a generational QB on your team. Easier said then done. And Baker Mayfield at his best is still nowhere near Mahomes. So, can the Bucs win with him.

I know this isn’t exactly the best example or the most fair to compare, but the Bucs have done this. I love Brad Johnson, everyone does. But he isn’t the best QB (not the worst though, suck it Trent Dilfer). In 2002, Johnson was a mostly fine QB. He had 22 tds and 6 interceptions, which is comparable to Mayfield’s stats this year. So how then did they stroll into San Diego and beat the no #1 offense and the MVP Rick Gannon. Because the Bucs defense was ELITE.

Now, am I saying that we can have that kind of defense again? Not exactly. I think with Bowles we can get close. I know the pass defense wasn’t great last season, but they still managed to keep opponents out of the end zone. With another draft and FA, hopefully we can load up on edge rushers and some DBs. Defense can in fact win championships.

You know how I know this? It’s because that is exactly what the Chiefs did. They faced the Dolphins and held them to six. They held the Ravens to 10. And they just held the 49ers to 16 in regulation. Those were some of the best offenses in the entire league.

This tweet right here sums it up. And yes, I did then tweet a joke about how those teams averaged 28.3 points and Shanahan lost again. That shit is hilarious. But look at what they averaged against the Chiefs. That is impressive to say the least.

The team also doesn’t need a record breaking defense because Baker is probably better than Brad Johnson. I think the offense probably has more talent as a whole (except at FB of course). So, the offense can help carry the load better than they did in 2002.

At the end of the day, unless you’re the Saints, the object of every season is to win a SB. That is what every team hopes to accomplish. With the recent success of Mahomes and his ability to just crush everyone’s hopes and dreams, it calls into question how you stop him. Here’s the thing though. The offense wasn’t that good for the first 3 quarters. The defense kept the 49ers in check long enough for Mahomes to get the team back in it. Credit to Mahomes, he became elite when the team needed, but the defense was the reason the Chiefs were able to come back. So, the Bucs don’t need Baker to be Mahomes. If they can field an incredible defense and don’t make dumb mistakes, they have a shot. Especially with a weaker NFC.


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