Buccaneers Appear Set to Let Mike Evans Test Free Agency


Though I didn’t think it would happen, a lot of people have been flooding the Twitter-space with anxiety about the Buccaneers keeping Mike Evans. And while I get it, I think these fears are a little overblown. Jason Licht and company have not given us reason to doubt him in a long time, I would not start now.

Part of the reason for this panic was this so-called “deadline”. Basically, the Bucs had a period of time to get a deal done before a dead cap hit, and today that deadline passed. However, this deadline, in technical terms, is poppycock. The Buccaneers were never going to let some arbitrary deadline dictate when a deal would get done with their star player. Yes, there is a cap hit now, but it can still be worked around.

Fans have extraordinarily short memories. I think it should be studied. People seem to have forgotten that Licht has done this several times. This is not his first time at the rodeo. He let Jamel Dean and Lavonte David test FA, and they came right back. There is one team I would be a little worried about being able to steal away Evans. And that is the Houston Texans. That is mostly do to the fact it would be close to his birth town Galveston. If they decided to open the checkbook for him, I think Evans might have a difficult choice.

Is there a possibility that Evans leaves for somewhere else? Yes, even though it makes me mad, but I do not think it is likely. Licht knows Evans was the linchpin to make this offense work. Also that a lynch mob will form if he doesn’t get him back. The Bucs will do everything they can to bring back one of the best players in franchise history. Hopefully!

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