Buccaneers Rank Low in NFLPA Survey


So, yeah, the Buccaneers apparently don’t have the greatest of facilities behind the scenes. The NFLPA recently released their anonymous player surveys ranking various aspects of the organization. And the Bucs, well, they weren’t particularly high. In any area. At all. They rank 24th out of 32 teams.

I’ll start with the good, which won’t take long. There are only three categories that the Bucs rank in the upper half of the league (there are 11 categories), and the highest was the strength coaches at 11. They also ranked 15th in training room and 14th for the training staff. It seems players were relatively high on all of these things.

The one that seems completely inexcusable is the treatment of family’s category. The fact that players don’t have a free family daycare is crazy. They charge their players per day, per kid. In case you weren’t aware, almost no other team charges their players for this. Is it any wonder then that it was ranked 28th out of the teams.

According to the survey, the players want to have this service for free, which yeah, no doubt. Then there’s the travel, which ranked dead last in the league. Apparently players don’t get to sit in first class, but the coaches do. Not only that, but younger players have to pay $1750 for a room if they want to be alone. It just seems like a lot of stuff that can be easily fixed.

However, part of the issue for this is the fact that the Glazers were ranked 29th of the 32nd owners. Now, I want to make it clear, even though the Glazers aren’t great owners, I’m not saying to sell the team. They did manage to get two rings and there are far worse owners out there. However, that is not to say they aren’t being cheap. Charging $90 for a kid makes more sense when you remember they strong-armed Hillsborough County into building Raymond James. Also something of note for you Rays fans, that deal is in all likelihood why they will never move to Tampa.

For the last two years, the Bucs have ranked 26th and 24th in these rankings. So hey, they moved up in 2023. While it sucks for the players to have to deal with subpar services, it shouldn’t deter FAs from coming here. Afterall, players do keep signing with the team, despite these facilities being well known at this point to either be mediocre or terrible (except for the elite training room and staff). Despite all their flaws, the Glazers have helped to bring a winning culture to Tampa, something that had been lacking. No matter how it seems, the Buccaneers can always do worse. Hugh Culverhouse could still be running things after all.

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