Options For The Buccaneers At The Center Position


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jason Licht are in full offseason assessment mode as they prep for free agency and the draft. One position of need, center, has been highlighted all season as one of the weak points in the offensive line and has to be at the top priority. However there are some factors that will influence how the Buccaneers attempt to tackle this problem.

Free Agents

Connor Williams

Connor Williams is an intriguing center who has posted great numbers per PFF. Last season he graded out as 86.5 overall, 90.5 in run blocking, and 71.7 pass blocking. He also posted similar numbers the season prior. The issue though is Williams is coming off a late ACL tear last season. In fact he’s been injured often. The question remains can he return to health and play at the high level he was and are the Buccaneers willing to take that chance? I don’t think they will. Also, he’s likely to command some impressive money.

Andre James

Andre James was a 2019 undrafted free agent who was thrust into a starting role in 2021. Since then he’s been a sturdy presence on their offensive line. During his current span of starting he’s been in on over 900 plus plays each year. and with each year he’s grown as a player. Last season he only allowed four sacks and 15 other pressures per PFF. His overall offensive grade at from PFF put him at 74.6. Unfortunately for the Buccaneers the Raiders are likely to retain him. That’s one option off the table.

Tyler Biadasz

Tyler Biadasz is currently a free agent for the Cowboys and former 4th round pick. When drafted he was didn’t immediately start but found himself in the roles his rookie season and never relinquished the position after. With three full season s of starting duty Biadasz has been an above average and reliable. In 2021 and 2022 he gave up no sacks while last season he unfortunately allowed three. His overall grade from PFF from 2023 has him at 68.6. Not bad. Now tight against the cap will the Cowboys allow him to walk. I doubt it. This leaves the Buccaneers still looking.

Aaron Brewer

Aaron Brewer, another 2020 rookie, has been slowly getting more involved in the offense with an increasing role that saw him start in 2022. Brewer however has not had a great track record in pass blocking. Last season he was at 52.5 per PFF and even lower the previous two seasons. He allowed six sacks last season and 15 other pressures. Even if he were to hit the market he’s not an upgrade. The Buccaneers pass.

Brian Allen

Brian Allen is an intriguing option. His grades in PFF are good and he has plenty of starting experience. He also has familiarity with offensive coordinator Liam Coen. Allen though does have a red flag. Injuries have plagued him every season. The only time he’s been fully healthy was the Super Bowl run with the Rams. If healthy he could be a great addition but his history says that’s a long shot. The Buccaneers could bring him in and draft a player. Leaving Allen as insurance and mentorship. Given the other priorities though I doubt it.

Draft Targets

Jackson Powers-Johnson

Jackson Powers-Johnson is the hottest name in this years draft at center. His tape, Senior Bowl performance, and measurables mark him as an instant starter. The issue is he may be moving up other teams boards quickly too. This could have him off the board before 26th.

Zach Frazier

Zach Frazier is possibly the one of the strongest, sure handed, and aware blockers. He is likely an instant starter as well. Should the Buccaneers target him they may be bale to have him in the second round with some maneuvering.

Sedrick Van Pran

Sedrick Van Pran is another impressive center. He understands the angles to take in order to stick defenders at the point of attack. He’s strong, fluid, and has a high gear. He too may be available in the second round.

Final Thought

At this point the options are clear. The Buccaneers need to prioritize a center in the draft. In order to do so they will likely have to move around. Something Jason Licht is very good at doing. So expect on of the following players to have their name called on draft weekend for the Buccaneers.

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