Buccaneers Bring Back Baker


Oh surely no Buccaneers  breaking news will happen while I drive two and a half hours.

This is legitimately like the 4th time news has broke and I couldn’t do crap about it because I was driving. All I see is notifications from everywhere on Twitter because of course my franchise decided then was the moment to bring Baker back. It couldn’t be before 4 pm or after 7 pm. It had to be between that so I couldn’t do anything to write about it til right now.

That being said, at least the Buccaneers will be baking for at least another season. The contract will be for 3 years and is $100 million with $50 of that guaranteed. It is about $33 a year. Seems a little high, but it is still less than what Daniel Jones and Derek Carr got, so suck it Saints. We got a better QB for less money. The way the contract has been reported, the Bucs will be locked into Mayfield in 2025, but they do have an out in 2026. There is also a $10 million injury clause in 2025.

Jason Licht and Mike Greenberg deserve all the credit in the world for getting this done. It is a good deal for a player that while not perfect, won over the locker room and was able to win a playoff game. Not only that, but the offense is basically crafted around him now. I haven’t seen as many people talk about that part, but this offense is made for him. The Bucs brought in Liam Coen to continue the Dave Canales offense, which was made for Baker. So, the Bucs would’ve had to learn yet another kind of offense, leading to another likely slow start. Bringing Baker back brings important continuity and hopefully he will improve upon an already great season here.

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