Should the Buccaneers Go EDGE or O-Line in Round One?


There has been a lot of nothing recently for the Buccaneers leading up to the draft news wise. Which is nothing new, but it still sucks. However, there is still one mini debate raging on in the Bucs community. No, I am not talking about the alarm clock uniforms (which are an affront to God), but if the Bucs should draft an interior o-lineman (probably Jackson Powers-Johnson) or edge rusher (probably Laiatu Latu). There are many ways to look at this question, so it’s a good thing I am here.

The biggest thing is need versus value. Let’s say for example it comes down to a choice between Jackson Powers-Johnson and one of the B-tier edge rushers like Chop Robinson or Jonah Eliss. Latu is off the board. Is the need for edge rusher so necessary that it warrants a slight reach? I think there would be plenty who say that JPJ is a greater prospect than those lesser edge rushers, and I agree. But the Bucs desperately need an edge rusher. Unless you can guarantee me that Robinson will be there at 52 when the Buccaneers pick again, I think a reach is justifiable.

Even Todd Bowles talked about this, but the front four was not getting the job done. Shaq Barrett’s decline was made evident by a still mediocre Joe Tryon-Shoyinka. I was prepared for another season of Vita Vea leading the team in sacks. Yaya Diaby showing up the way he did really saved that, but he needs a partner.

The depth for this interior class is also incredibly deep. It is like an Olympic swimming pool. If the Bucs miss out on JPJ, there’s Zach Frazier, Sedric Van Pratt, Cooper Beebe, Graham Barton, I can go on. Jason Licht has made his living drafting prospects in the second and third. Alex Cappa, Ali Marpet, Luke Goedeke, were and are amazing. This edge class is not that. There’s the big three, somewhat large gap between the next tier, and the tier after that kind of falls off a cliff.

At the end of the day, the Bucs seem to be returning to a more defensive-minded team. Not saying they will entirely forsake the offense, but I think with a defensive coach, he wants a better defense. Buc’s were far from bad on defense, but the pass defense was pretty bad. Know how to improve that? Get to the QB. A good corner eliminates one receiver, a good pass rusher gets rid of all of them.

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