Potential Second-Round Draft Targets for the Buccaneers


On to the second round. With the first round over the Buccaneers will need to have a few more options to look into. As each round progresses the variables start to take effect. Temas moving, reaching to fill gaps, and players dropping into the second after what looks like a huge run on quarterbacks in the first. So, for this lot, I’ll pick four players that I think could fit the Buccaneers.


Again, I feel as though the team needs in order look like this, center, edge, guard, linebacker, corner, and tight end.

The Other Penn State Option

Adisa Isaac is another edge player from Penn State entering this year’s draft. Now he’s not as highly touted as Chop Robinson but he was nearly as productive. With only 97 more snaps than Robinson, Isaac had six more sacks, one less hit, and two more hurries. Though his plays were not as flashy he still performed well. He’s also solid against the run. I feel with a few more pounds he could have a better career at the next level than Robinson. So, save this article if you think it will help you roast me later.

A New Linebacker

Edgerrin Cooper from Texas A&M primarily lined up in the box. Much like Devin White did for the Buccaneers. So, with a need to add to the linebacker corps with White’s departure and Lavonte David toying with retirement soon, Cooper could fill the role. I like his size and athleticism and it should translate to the next level and feel he can be a sideline-to-sideline player. He’ll just need to work on his coverage skill set but Todd Bowles has the staff to do just that. He could be a great addition.

A New Weapon

With Chris Godwin on the last year of his contract and a never-ending need for depth at wide receiver, the Buccaneers could target the future offensive skill player Xavier Legette. With 1,255 yards on 71 receptions for an average of 17.7 yards a catch, he has the numbers. Add in size, speed, and some impressive contested catches and the Buccaneers could have a building block for the future. He will require some work, but thankfully he would be behind two great wide receivers to learn from. 

A Move Inside

Kiran Amegadjie played tackle at Yale but as the general manager, I would be drafting him to move him inside at left guard. He played there his first year at Yale before moving to tackle. Here’s a stat for you, one. Uno. Une. In 860 pass-blocking snaps over three years, Amegadjie only allowed one sack. Amegadjie has the size and a decent toolset that should translate well to the pros.

The move inside would shore up the left guard spot, this would leave only the center as the position to upgrade on the offensive line. But more on that in the next article about the third round.

Final Thought

These prospects all have the capability to have an impact. Now there are a few other names I think the Buccaneers could select here especially if a few players fall. I also expect that we can see a Jason Licht trade in the second round. Either way the team will get stronger.

Potential First-Round Draft Targets for the Buccaneers

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