Buccaneers Re-Sign Gholston, Add International Player


I honestly thought Will Gholston was already re-signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That’s how much I’ve gotten used to his steady presence on the defensive line.

He’s the only guy on this team besides Lavonte David that wasn’t drafted by Licht. He has been on this team since 2013. While he’s never been the best DE in the league, he has been one of the most consistent.

Gholston has played 12 or more games every year he has been in the league. The anti-Carlton Davis in this regard (although his one interception is about 1/3 of Davis’ production).

Not only that, but he has been such a huge piece for the run defense being what it was at its height. As consistent he has been, he hasn’t gotten a sack in two years and has been playing less snaps. But I am happy he is still here regardless. He is one of the last old guys with the departure of Shaq Barrett. A good mentor and an even better mentor. An underrated Buc for life.

But Wait, There’s More

But that’s not the only move the Bucs have made on their line. They also signed German tackle Lorenz Metz. Because he’s part of the International Player Pathway Program the NFL has, he actually doesn’t count towards the 90 man roster limit, which is cool.

Now, this isn’t some hidden gem on the o-line. At least, probably not. He was solid for the Bearcats at the University of Cincinnati, but was an undrafted rookie picked up by the Bears. He was cut at training camp. Another depth signing.

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