Old Salty’s Buccaneers 2024 Mock Draft 1.0


The NFL draft is upon us and in no time we will learn who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have added to the roster. It’ll mark the beginning of a new chapter as the Buccaneers attempt to make history. So here’s my mock draft for 2024.

26th Overall

With the 26th pick overall the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Graham Barton, interior offensive line, Duke. In this mock Jackson Powers-Johnson was available but I decided to select Barton because I love his versatility. He can play anywhere inside. This gives the Buccaneers someone who they can move around especially if they decide another player in this draft or the next could fit at guard or center.
His tape shows a player with good technique, strength, bend, and size. One of the few knocks against him is his arm length but he more than makes up for it in skill. Easy day-one starter who immediately helps make the offensive line and thus the entire offense better.

56th Overall

With the 56th pick in the NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Marshawn Kneeland, edge, Western Michigan. Though this may feel like a reach at 56th I feel as though he can be a steal in the draft so taking him here doesn’t bother me.
Kneeland’s stats don’t jump off the page but that’s because he was double-teamed more often than not. He’s fluid, has agility, and a high motor that sees him finish plays. He has some room for improvement with technique but nothing this staff can’t fix.

89th Overall

With the 89th selection overall the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Trevin Wallace, linebacker, Kentucky. Now this is more of a project selection. Lavonte David and KJ Britt are set to start so having a young player to learn behind those two could help the future of this team. Wallace has all the physical tools and speed but needs help growing his football IQ. He struggles at play recognition sometimes and lacks patience. All things this staff can teach him as he won’t be starting.

92nd Overall

With the 92nd overall selection, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Johnny Wilson, wide receiver, Florida State University. Falling in line with the Wallace selection, Wilson is a big target with a great wingspan. It gives him a catch radius that’s unreal. Now he’s not going to be a starter with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin on this roster but those are the best two players I can think of to help him learn to use his physical tools. Also, if he can learn, he could replace Godwin if he were to depart next season.

125th Overall

With the 125th overall selection in the NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jarrian Jones, cornerback, Florida State University. Yes, I double-dipped into the home state and that should make many of you happy.

He’s fast (4.38 40-yard dash) with a nearly 40-inch vertical. Given his height and weight, he has the physical traits that teams desire. He can play outside or drop in the box providing Todd Bowles with someone to scheme with. Though he needs some work on his traits in pursuit and follow he’ll make a good addition and create some nice competition on this team.

220th Overall

There were a few players I liked at this spot to help the offensive line so with the 220th overall pick the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Hunter Nourzad, center, Penn State. Now I foreshadowed I would go back to the offensive line here in the draft when I selected Barton. Here Barton now moves to guard while Nourzad gets a shot at center.
Hopefully, he will last this long. He’s been quietly moving up boards and may surprise people by going as early as the fourth round. He moves well with both his feet and hands while using good angles as well. If he can improve his feel with how things are developing around him both pre and post-snap he could be a great addition.

246th Overall

With the 246th selection in the NFL draft, the Buccaneers select Jamree Kromah, defensive tackle, James Madison. The best player left on the board, Kromah is a compact but strong player with great flexibility across the defensive line. He’s good against the run and capable as a rusher. his selection adds depth and a potential hidden gem.

Final Thought

I feel as though this mock put together a good combination of needs and depth to make a strong statement this upcoming season.

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