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ESPN Talkin Head Dan Le Batard calls out Bucs and Jets Owners

Dan Le Batard is in disbelief that quarterback Colin Kaepernick is not collecting an NFL paycheck. Le Batard believes that Kaepernick is talented and athletic enough to play in the NFL even as a backup QB. I also believe that to be true. Not only that, but his experience gained playing in the NFL, would be an asset to a team with young quarterbacks on the roster.
But Le Batard, not only thinks Kaep is good enough to play in this league, but that there is no disputing it and no one who can dispute that. That’s likely the reason why Le Batard insinuates that the only reason teams are not hiring Kaepernick, is because of the off-field controversy from his National Anthem strike last season. He also suggests that those who own teams are afraid of Colin Kaepernick.
Calling out team owners by calling them cowards and saying that the league itself is run by cowards, pretty much sums up his belief to why Kaepernick is not employed right now. Le Batard states that there are at least six NFL teams right now, that could use Kaepernick and the only reason that they had not considered Kaepernick is that the team executives are afraid of all the baggage  Kaep has accumulated with last season’s protest. Not too mention how it would affect fan loyalty to any team that signed him. Although some fans may be all for signing Kaepernick that is not something that NFL executives would risk.
Le Batard called out two teams specifically, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NEw York Jets. Stating that the Jets have a horrible quarterback situation and Tampa Bay just signed Fitzpatrick as Jameis Winston’s backup. It’s obvious that Kaepernick still carries a large following but last year’s protest rub a large number of people the wrong way and that could have ultimately ended Kaepernick’s career. However, noble his cause was.

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