O.J. Simpson granted parole, requests to live in Florida


Image result for Oj paroleAfter serving 9 years of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping, a Nevada parole board granted former NFL player, O.J. Simpson’s parole today. He could be released as early as October and plans to move to his home in Florida.

Claiming to have been a model prisoner and promising that he would have no conflicts if released, O.J. apologized for his role in the 2007 incident. “I’ve done my time, I’ve done it as well and as respectfully as I think anyone can.” He said during his parole hearing. Also adding, “I’ve spent nine years making no excuses about anything, I am sorry things turned out the way they did, I had no intent to commit a crime.” Simpson’s oldest daughter, Arnelle, testified on her father’s behalf saying that her father was “my best friend and my rock.” The victim of the 2007 robbery, Bruce Fromong, also testified that he has forgiven Simpson and advocated for his release.

The vote to grant him parole was unanimous and board member, Tony Corda, said that Simpson was a “low risk to offend”. After receiving the news that his parole was granted Simpson smiled, thanked the board and put his head down for a few minutes of silence.

Image result for Oj paroleNews of his pending release had Twitter and Facebook buzzing, a lot of the comments were in favor of his parole while many were outraged. The Central Florida News stations posted articles to their Facebook pages and were met with comments from Florida residents opposed to the possibility of having Simpson relocated to the State. As for his decision to move to Florida, Florida Department of Corrections released this statement, “We are aware of his (Simpson) potential relocation to Florida. Pursuant to the Interstate Commission on Adult Offender Supervision, if Nevada’s request meets all criteria, Florida must accept the transfer. “As is the case with any offender who transfers under this routine procedure, he will be assigned a Florida probation officer and will be supervised in accordance with the conditions of his parole.” -Michelle Glady, Director of Communications, Florida Department of Corrections.

Image result for oj and his kidsWhat’s next for the 70 year old former NFL star remains to be seen, the Miami home that Simpson owned before his conviction has been foreclosed on, so it is not immediately clear where he will live if he does relocate to Florida after his release, however, it is said that he will receive about $25,000 a month in pension from the NFL and his two youngest children from Nicole Brown Simpson live in Tampa Bay area.


It is also reported that O.J. could cash in on roughly, $5 million in contributions to a retirement plan with The Screen Actors Guild. However, the exact amount is not known.