After Sunday’s performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many Bears fans are calling for Mike Glennon’s job. Three turnovers by the former Buccaneers back up and one of those was for 6 points. Is it time for the Bears to make the tough decision?

The real question for me is: Is Mike Glennon really that bad or is Tampa’s defense that good? I’d like to think it’s the latter.

Glennon fared well against the Falcons in week one, despite losing, but there was no faring well, Sunday, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He started out well completing  7 of 7 passes, but his 8th pass changed the game completely. It would be the start of what was to become a defensive beat down by the Buccaneers.

It almost seemed that Glennon lost all focus after that first interception, and that is something that the Chicago Bears really need to call into question. There is no doubt that Mike Glennon is talented and knows the game, but there is much doubt to be cast into his character.

The call for Trubisky isn’t a shock by any means, as he has shown that he is capable of playing well. Possibly, even starting. Being that he is  a rookie he can easily be molded. Glennon can more than help in Trubisky’s development. The young QB will make plenty of mistakes, but he is a fun QB to watch, and one who brings much excitement to the game. Something Glennon does not.

The Bears starting out 0-2 may be a tad bit early to jump the gun on such a decision, but the fans are already screaming for the move to be made. I liked Glennon when he was here in Tampa, but it seems that the same gripes fans had about him here in the Bay, have followed him to the Windy City.








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