Bucs’ Mike Evans Happy To Not Draw Double Coverage For A Change


“The last couple of seasons, the Bears double-teamed me crazy, I probably saw maybe one or two double-teams today. It was great. We had a lot of one-on-one opportunities. We have a lot of talent, so all we have to do is beat the one-on-one match-ups. I hope it’s like this every week, but it’s obviously not.” said Evans. Which shows that the new additions and improvements to the Bucs offense are paying off.

It was a season opening win against the Bears, in which, Mike Evans caught a 13 yard touchdown pass, and had seven catches for 93 yards on just nine targets. And when asked about Evans’ touchdown catch, which put them 10-0 late in the first quarter; Coach Koetter said, “I saw one-on-one coverage, I figured that’s where Jameis was going to go with the ball. That’s something we work on a lot, and Mike and Jameis have put a lot of time in that red-zone fade ball. We don’t get single coverage on Mike very often, so when we do, we’re happy to see it.”

Adding to that, Jameis says “He’s going to do what he’s going to do no matter what, but definitely having those other guys, like I said, complementary football.  It opens it up for Mike Evans.”

It was a very exciting game to watch! And after the long week the team, as well as those of us in the path of Irma, have had; it was nice to see these guys go out there and get that win!

I am looking forward to the season ahead.