Long Ball Miscues


Jameis Winston has improved a lot in his first 3 years, but one thing that seems to linger is his inconsistent long ball accuracy. Yesterday, Jameis had receivers open deep for touchdowns on as many as three separate occasions. He missed every single one. Two of those passes were to speedster DeSean Jackson, in the end zone, and one of those to Charles Sims, who was behind the defense on his way to the end zone. The Buccaneers cannot afford to miss those types of opportunity. Easily there were 21 points left on the field. Jameis has to get his long ball under control, or this will quickly become one of those, “What If” seasons.

I’m not saying Jameis played terribly or that he was completely inaccurate, but I am saying that he does not throw the deep ball very well. At least, he didn’t yesterday.

Another thing that concerns me is how visually frustrated DeSean Jackson was. It wasn’t exactly clear, to why, he was frustrated, only on could guess, but it was perfectly clear that he was pissed off. One can assume that the reason for his frustration was due to the fact that Jameis Winston overthrew him twice for what were surely touchdowns. Maybe it was the number, or lack of, touches he had throughout the game. Whatever may have been his issue needs to be figured out and quickly. Before it becomes a locker room cancer.

All things considered, the Buccaneers looked great, yesterday, especially the defense. Tampa’s defense forced 4 turnovers in one half. Something that was definitely nice to see from the Buccaneers once again. It’s a good feeling to win big and the team should enjoy every moment of it. But after the day off, it’s back to business as usual, as we prepare for the Minnesota Vikings. I will relish in the big win all day today, but come Tuesday, I will begin building my excitement for next Sunday’s contest. As always Go Bucs!