Kwon Alexander “The Great” Opening Eyes


Alexander “THE GREAT” is making some noticeable achievements in training camp.Hopefully this turns out to be an on field, regular season, event.With Lavonte David  and now Kwon Alexander. I think it will be hard pressed for teams to get positive yards out of the run. and it has been quite a while since we could say that about our defense.

“He’s a really good football player with really good range,” said Linebackers Coach hardy Nickerson, who played the MIKE position at a Pro Bowl level for Tampa Bay for most of the ’90s.”The main thing for us is we want guys that are versatile.We’re just seeing where he fits best. Initially during the off season he was at SAM, then he played some Mike in the nickle package.The move was to see where he fits in best, so he’s been playing some MIKE linebacker so far.” – Scott Smith , Senior writer for

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