Alexander “The Great” stepping up into his role.



Kwon Alexander had a heck of a game last night. He played well and made some big plays adding to that shut down performance last night against the Bengals. The Bucs’ future is so bright they gotta wear shades.

“Alexander gave himself high grades for his game against the Bengals. “I felt good. I felt i did pretty well, better than last week,” Alexander said. “I was on most of my keys, and most of what I did, I feel I did well. The defense had great results.” Gerald McCoy said Alexander shined for his poise. “The thing about him is he got out there and he didn’t panic and he just played football,” McCoy said. “As far as his leadership skills and going out there and playing hard, defintely you could see that he was ready for it.” – Joe BucsFan.                 

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