Looks like that old Tampa 2 is back!


Sweet success!! Lovie Smith has completely changed the minds of NFL fans everywhere, with the defensive show that was put on Monday night! From sacks to run-stops and a beautiful pick six, the Tampa 2 seems to have returned to a welcoming home crowd! Hyped up fans who once called for the heads of members of that offensive line and the defensive secondary, now cheer and applaud. Jameis Winston looked fantastic last night but was not the only one as 3rd year running back Doug Martin looked like he may be returning to his old, 1,400 yard, self. Over all performance of the Bucs last night, wasn’t as much of a head scratcher as it was a welcomed site. Finally, it seems that we have a team that could turn that 2-14 around to 14-2. It’s only the preseason and 14-2 is a stretch. We can only hope and dream that this becomes a reality!!

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