Evan Mathis is now a Bronco


It was bound to happen, when you are one of the best blockers in football, might as well get a shot at blocking for one of the best QB’s in football. With such a experience-lacking-bunch on that offensive line, Mathis will be an instantaneous impact on the line and I’m sure in the locker room, as he will be looked up to, as a mentor by the rookie linemen.

“The Broncos needed  more experience up front. A two-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro from as recently as 2013 was still on the market. The collision of those two circumstances spurred the Bronco’s decision to add Mathis, who agreed to terms on a one-year contract Tuesday afternoon. Mathis provides an instant injection of elite recent performance to an offensive line that on Sunday in Houston started three starters who had never played a regular season snap.”- Andrew Mason of Broncos.com

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