Patriots vs Panthers week 3 highlights


Congrats to Tom Brady for his abysmal performance last night against the Carolina Panthers. Brady Completed a little bit better than half his passes, 7-13, for only 84 yards. Out of those 13 passes he managed to throw 1 TD and 2 INTS. Is Brady’s mind elsewhere? With a very unlike Brady display, by the 15 year veteran QB, is this an indication of that down hill spiral many superstar QB’s face, when entering the last leg of their careers?

Patriots fans need not fear. Jimmy Garoppolo is here. He finished the night 13 of 17 with 126 yards and a TD. Garoppolo had a rocky start to his first drive and probably should have been picked of a pair or more times, but in the end gave Pat’s fan something to ease their worried minds. A QB who has no problem stepping in for Brady and playing comparable football in his absence. Could Garoppolo be the Pat’s future? Time will tell.



Without star WR Kelvin Benjamin, Cam managed to still throw for 160 yards and a TD. Those numbers should be higher but Panther WR corps just couldn’t hang on to the ball or just plain cant catch. Cam was also sacked twice for a losses in yards totaling 19.

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