Could Jameis Winston have a rough start to the season?


I agree Jameis could have a rough start to the season if we do not  figure out how to get him some protection and teach Jameis that he cannot do it all by himself. Sometimes you have to take the sack and not force the ball up into a turnover situation. Dirk koetter, will address this  and  so will Mike Bajakian. I believe Jameis will cam down some. But will it be enough to control his “I can do anything” attitude? Jameis Winston has shown me on the field that he is an incredible talent and will be a top notch quarter back in years to come. He has also shown me that he can spiral out of control very quickly. Hopefully this is fixed and we see a much calmer Jameis  in the season opener. If not, we are in for a long season. But I am prepared to sit right a long with them win or lose.

“Heading into the Buccaneers third preseason game, the team had to have been pretty happy with the progress of their No.1 overall pick QB Jameis Winston was making. His play agains the Browns in week 3 of the preseason does provide cause for concern, however. The biggest reason? his performance against pressure.”- Pro Football Focus


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