Winston vs Mariota spark memories of other greats first start


I will never forget the feeling I had as a child; seeing the greats coming out onto the field or court, ready to go to war. The focus they had on their faces, so intent, so prepared. Their respective teammates looking to them for guidance and support and they would oblige. Oh, how they obliged. The announcers watching and commenting on every move they made, on and off the field. Critiquing every step of the way, beckoning us to share in the greatness they have achieved. Sitting there watching the fans, whether live or on the old G.E. Technicolor television,  was electricfying. Almost like being in a dream.

“So the past two Heisman Trophy winners renew their aquaintance Sunday, but now each carries the expectation of becoming a franchise savior. With that in mind, recalls 10 of the most eagerly anitcipate matchups between young stars.” -Thomas Neumann,

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