Dick Lebeau is impressed by Jameis Winston


Jameis Winston is one of those rare gems coming into the draft this season and the Buccaneers wasted no time in snagging him up. The potential franchise QB, will have a lot on his plate this season, just to live up to that name. But, after seeing how the Buccaneers rotated the O line around searching for the pieces to fit into place. I am more than confident that the leak has been filled. I look forward to great offensive line play and Jameis having plenty of time to find the open receiver, on Sunday. This will be one enlightening  game.

“I have been impressed throughout (Winston’s) career at how many times he brought his football team back from behind,” LeBeau said. “You do it once or twice and its one thing, but to do it as many times as he’s done it, you know you have a competitor and a guy who can perform when the pressure is on.” –Joe KaniaBuccaneers.com

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