People are already wanting to get the paper bags out


I say “Hell no! ” with this only being the 4th week. I’ve already seen way more promise in our Buccaneers than I did in the previous 3 years. Don’t you dare get those paper bags out! Even though it seems that GIL ARCIA seems to think we will be on a losing streak and that it will continue with the Panthers today. I for one disagree and believe we have a very good chance of sending the undefeated Panthers home, as losers. Also keep in mind that 20 NFL teams as of the start of week 4 are 1-2 or worse. Don’t Give up Buc FANS!!! We have two rookies of the week and hopefully one of our rookies wins it again this week. 

“Not to be a pessimist, but the Buccaneers are on track to fall to 1-3. After dropping a very winnable game last week in Houston, it almost feels like this team will never win again. More specifically, this Lovie Smith-led team.” – Gil Arcia

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