Jameis Winston admits he has to work on turnovers


I can say all kinds of things like – No excuses, All hype for nothing, and Bench Jamies for Glennon, Fire Lovie Smith. But, what exactly would that accomplish? In my opinion, what’s supposed to be happening is happening, a learning experience for a clearly talented QB. Now that being said, his turnovers do come at inopportune times such as; near 10 yards out and for six points, those at the line of scrimmage during snaps. (I’m sure I missed a couple more key turnovers, but those mentioned are the top of my list) And those are the ones that need to be avoided the most. And realistically guys, even if Lovie Smith were to get fired; Would a new coach or acting coach bench Jameis, number 1 draft pick, and start Mike Glennon?  I highly doubt it.

“I’m learning about myself,” he said Wednesday, via ESPN.com. “I’m adjusting to this game. I’m trying to get better at something every week. … Every week, I’m trying to work on something and improve on something. For the rest of the season and from now on, I have to work on not turning the ball over.”- Reported by Conor Orr 

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